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Every day, I’m fighting with myself, Everyday I’m thinking I should quit my life now and then, Everyday I find someone who betrayed me for some reason, Everyday I forgive someone even I don’t want to and forget him or her by end of the day, Everyday I try to make a new start but end up living by the same way which I’m tired of already. Every day, I’m missing the same people who have left me for no reason even I know that they never be a part of my life anymore, Everyday I’m listening the same songs and most of the time I’m not even interested in the lyrics because I’m very much happy with the music. Every day, I’m trying to write something better but by end of the day what I thought is if I’m not happy with myself I can’t make anyone else happy, Everyday I’m laying on the same bed with the same feelings, Thinking about my future that will i ever be able to make any change in my life or not. I’m tired of all those people who keep asking me what I’m going to do in my future or what I want to be in my life even though they are already behind me and didn’t achieve anything in their life.

The only person who has the Power to change you is YOU, Never underestimate the Power within you. The Time will let you know who will stay in your life and who will not.We all know Time is the best teacher but you have to understand the fact, Only for those who are good learners.

We are all stories in the end, remembered by the adventures we had, the achievements we made and the people we loved. So make sure your story is a good one.



In the End of every year we all wait for Santa, We all heard lot of stories about Santa, Like he is an angel who comes from sky just to give different beautiful gifts to all those who believe there is someone who cared about them, We all have one life, But with different goals and destiny. The only thing we have in common is that we are Human, We have the power to understand each other and most of all we have the power to express that feeling to someone we love. But have you ever think it’s all waste if we didn’t share our love with anyone who actually needs it rather than wasting it on someone who doesn’t even worth of it.

I don’t believe in Religion so i believe there is only one GOD, The god who cry if we cry and Even punish if we do something wrong. God made us all alike, But there are some people who divide us on the basis of colors, In our childhood we all went to school and carry our favourite Pencil box for drawing, Have you ever think what will happen if all the pencils are of same color, Obviously we all get bored and none of us have any favourite colors. Just because God don’t want to get bored that’s why he made everything with its unique color.

Love has its own color, Share it with someone before it fades away.

We all wait for Santa, But it’s easy to be a Santa to someone who actually needs you.

On this year of Christmas i have decided that i will not wait for Santa to come and take all my pains, Better become one and help someone who have already lost their trust from God.

You can’t be a God to someone, but You can easily be a Santa.

Wish you all Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year in Advance.

May God bless you All.

Nishan Panwar

Smart Humans – Changes We Made

We all know that there is one God but nobody wants to accept, Different countries with different religions have different Gods, What I believe is that in this whole universe if we all have only one God than it’s so easy to get united, it’s so easy for anyone to get together, no one feel ashamed of talking to anyone.
But there’s nothing like that we humans are become so smart, intelligent and innovative that we have created our own world which is entirely different from the world which was created when God really exist. Here I’m going to talk about the things we changed.

First we all create the different Avatars of God, Than we divide the beautiful earth into East, West, North and South, Than we divide the Humans into Black, Brown and White, Than we divide them with different Religions and Caste, Than we divide them with Different names. Than we divide them into Poor, Middle and Rich and We not yet stop here we still dividing into different states in different ways.

Now Everything is so much divided that no one wants to be together for whole life, I have heard somewhere that Negative and Positive attract each other, But seriously I don’t know how it works.

Different countries have different Traditions, Customs and Cultures. Here in India we have divided God in a such a way that no man exactly know to whom he has to workship. We have some small, big and biggest Temples in different parts of our country, People here believe that the more big temple you visit the more faster your wish come true. The more you donate the more you come close to God. Recently a movie released here called ‘PK’ shows exactly a Mirror image of what they are exactly doing but People here are totally amazing instead of accepting that movie they have make their whole efforts and Result what finally movie got banned in some parts of our country.

I don’t know how can i help those people’s, I wish people not only read this Note but also understand the meaning behind it.