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Slave Of My Own Mistakes

Sooner or later Everyone becomes slave of their own mistakes, Mistakes that lead you to do more mistakes, And it’s a moment when you can’t find any door to run, Darkness surrounds so badly that you can’t see Anyone to help you out, Everything around you is so quiet that you can’t even hear your own voice. And that’s the moment you want to quit, You feel so tired that you can’t fight against the things you created by yourself. Your heart ache so much that your voice didn’t come out no matter how hard you try. You make hundred promises to yourself everyday not to repeat them again, And again and again you end up with the same results. You started losing your friends and loved ones. You started losing the trust within yourself. Your mind stuck like you never had one.

Most of us Quit here, As we think this is the end of world, Without remembering that your mistakes is the only thing in this world which makes you stronger at every point of your life,

The time we started understanding things, We started making mistakes, Because understanding’s helps you to learn new things, And no new things starts with a Perfection, Mistakes helps you to turn the new things to the Great things.

Every tunnel has two opening it’s you who have to choose whether you want to stay with a Darkness or You want to move and search for the light without going back.

I had also made so many mistakes in my life but i choose to live with them instead of quiting my life.

Nishan Panwar



Know your own worth!!

What are Quotes , Poems and Books?


What i think that around us both kind of Things or People exist , Some are Good and Some are Bad.Everyone here knows i love writing Quotes But they only Teach us that life has some meaning but You  know they are useless if you don’t understand the real meaning of it, Poems or books also tell us the same thing , The person who wrote that have showed her/his whole life just to tell everyone that what i have done is wrong at that time and now that only make him/her a better person today.

I know

When we feel that someone left us alone,

When we feel that He/She hurted you like no one ever did and You love Her/Him like no one ever does,


When we feel while sitting in a dark room,Crying each and every night , Holding our wet pillows.

At that time we started listening all the SAD MUSIC numbers, Some started Drinking and think  that this all will help them to forget their past, Some people started Reading and searching something on any social site which makes them feel better..

But have you guys ever thought that all this things will only make you feel better for a short time , What you have to do is to share all your feelings with someone who always needs you even when you ignored him while dating that IDIOT.

Somewhere i read that A Father is a First love and A mother is A bestfriend of any Girl, THAN why you all forget to share with them.

You can share with your close friends too..

They will give you or suggest you the best advice in this world, Choose the Best one and started living your life again instead of thinking that no one loves you..

And then Do something that whenever you  wake in the morning and see your face in the mirror, “You should be proud of yourself and feels happy that you are alive even after facing so much trouble in your life”.

Have so many things to share and say ….Will come again with some more positive things which help you to understand the real value of yourself , i can just give you a look , But it’s you who have to open your eyes , Wipe your tears, Turn your screams into a roar and tell the world that we too exist and show them that our MIND, HEART, and our FEET are that strong that no one can force us to fall down.

Good day, Have a Blessed Life Ahead.

Nishan Panwar