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Every day, I’m fighting with myself, Everyday I’m thinking I should quit my life now and then, Everyday I find someone who betrayed me for some reason, Everyday I forgive someone even I don’t want to and forget him or her by end of the day, Everyday I try to make a new start but end up living by the same way which I’m tired of already. Every day, I’m missing the same people who have left me for no reason even I know that they never be a part of my life anymore, Everyday I’m listening the same songs and most of the time I’m not even interested in the lyrics because I’m very much happy with the music. Every day, I’m trying to write something better but by end of the day what I thought is if I’m not happy with myself I can’t make anyone else happy, Everyday I’m laying on the same bed with the same feelings, Thinking about my future that will i ever be able to make any change in my life or not. I’m tired of all those people who keep asking me what I’m going to do in my future or what I want to be in my life even though they are already behind me and didn’t achieve anything in their life.

The only person who has the Power to change you is YOU, Never underestimate the Power within you. The Time will let you know who will stay in your life and who will not.We all know Time is the best teacher but you have to understand the fact, Only for those who are good learners.

We are all stories in the end, remembered by the adventures we had, the achievements we made and the people we loved. So make sure your story is a good one.




When the sky is clear, that there is no fear, i missed you so much, that i want you near, i hope you believe me, I’m true as my tear.
it’s been a long time that I haven’t hear, i love you so much that i want you near, i hope you believe me, I’m true as my tear.
Wish you call my name without any fear, wish you love me the same as i love you dear, I hope you believe me, I’m true as my tear.
When the sky gets heavy and the night more darker, your dreams lock me up and i wish you woke me up, I’m so lonely that i want you near, i hope you believe me, I’m true as my tear.