Getting BORED is a part of everyone’s life, When we stuck in a situation where we can’t decide ‘what we have to do and what we don’t,’ There we started getting BORED. According to me when you face such problem ‘DO what you have not done from very long time’ It can be anything, May be the smallest thing which can make you laugh or May be the most dangerous thing which make you realize how strong you are, What I mean is do something which you love most in your life but you have QUIT long back because of some problem, Start again and I assure you ‘You never gonna BORED again.’


Happiness Is In Small Things


When people think life is for nothing, There are people who found something.
When people think there is no reason to live, There are people who believe no reason as a reason to live.
When people think everything has come to an end, There are people who think it’s time to give a new start and turns the end into the beautiful memories.

Slow Poison


Easy for those who haven’t fallen into it, but those who does never come out of it. The drizzle which started just after you broke up washed away all your tears and remain as a silent pain within your heart. Moaning of pain is so low that you forget to move your tongue for hours. Feels like someone grab your neck to that extent that neither he wants you to live nor he wants you to die. Even the closing of eyes doesn’t help you out, Her face always comes between your sleep and it was so beautiful that even if you open your eyes you need her right in your arms.