My mom

My mom

Mother! The only women whose sacrifices are bigger than her expectations, but still dreams for her child success and happiness. The only women who never asked for anything in return and give her everything from all his heart. The only women who understand what you need even before you felt it. The only women who beat you when you are wrong and cry at the same time. The only women who gives all his food and react like she is not hungry, The only women whom you respect because you know she has never change no matter how the bad time was. She always make you felt like you are only person she is has to take care of, The only women who cried more than you cried at the time you were in pain, The only women who believe in you when you were in dark and take you to the place you want to be, Even when she know how hard she have to work and sacrifice just to make you reach there, The only women who have seen all your flaws and still accept you.

She is the first women you see in your life , She is the first women you touch in your life and she is also the first women whom you want to see happy no matter how how old she does. She is the only women who make you believe that it’s ok if there is no God because you know even if god exist he can’t be better than her.

My eyes closed with my hands fold and i can see her before God.

I love you Mom.