Smart Humans – Changes We Made

We all know that there is one God but nobody wants to accept, Different countries with different religions have different Gods, What I believe is that in this whole universe if we all have only one God than it’s so easy to get united, it’s so easy for anyone to get together, no one feel ashamed of talking to anyone.
But there’s nothing like that we humans are become so smart, intelligent and innovative that we have created our own world which is entirely different from the world which was created when God really exist. Here I’m going to talk about the things we changed.

First we all create the different Avatars of God, Than we divide the beautiful earth into East, West, North and South, Than we divide the Humans into Black, Brown and White, Than we divide them with different Religions and Caste, Than we divide them with Different names. Than we divide them into Poor, Middle and Rich and We not yet stop here we still dividing into different states in different ways.

Now Everything is so much divided that no one wants to be together for whole life, I have heard somewhere that Negative and Positive attract each other, But seriously I don’t know how it works.

Different countries have different Traditions, Customs and Cultures. Here in India we have divided God in a such a way that no man exactly know to whom he has to workship. We have some small, big and biggest Temples in different parts of our country, People here believe that the more big temple you visit the more faster your wish come true. The more you donate the more you come close to God. Recently a movie released here called ‘PK’ shows exactly a Mirror image of what they are exactly doing but People here are totally amazing instead of accepting that movie they have make their whole efforts and Result what finally movie got banned in some parts of our country.

I don’t know how can i help those people’s, I wish people not only read this Note but also understand the meaning behind it.