Tara and Tyler’s 5th Wedding Anniversary | Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island Event Planner

St. Simons Elopements

When Tyler Hardy called a month ago, he wanted something extra special and romantic for his wife, Tara, for their 5 year wedding anniversary.  We tossed around different ideas and decided on a romantic set up on the beach for just the two of them for wine and a light dessert.  It sounded awesome!


The tide was on its way out when I arrived with my crew on Driftwood Beach.  We began setting up in front of one of the gorgeous driftwood trees.  The tiki torches were set in the sand in a circle with the table and chairs in the center.  All the other amenities were set around, including the picnic basket of food and drink and the table was set with china plates, cloth napkins, and utinsils.  The wine had been chilled on ice and ready to pour.  Time to light the torches!


Tyler and Tara had been…

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