I write not because i’m free but because everyday i try to find some time for myself…

Love is a Power, Love is a Prayer and Love is a Peace.

I Have met different kind of people, deals with different minds and struggle with different facts of life but still I don’t know it’s a Heart or a Brain who memorizes things.

I have never thought of writing in my life and after writing i never know how writing will become the most important part of my life or how it becomes the only medium with whom I can share things which earlier I used to kept with myself.

But yes one thing I want to share with you all is I have never written things to get Fame, I have started writing because once in a life I need a person who can listen not someone who can hear.

We all waste our life in finding love instead of making love and what result in the end we die with a broken heart remembering all the broken promises made by people we met throughout our life.quotescover-JPG-81


Tara and Tyler’s 5th Wedding Anniversary | Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island Event Planner

St. Simons Elopements

When Tyler Hardy called a month ago, he wanted something extra special and romantic for his wife, Tara, for their 5 year wedding anniversary.  We tossed around different ideas and decided on a romantic set up on the beach for just the two of them for wine and a light dessert.  It sounded awesome!


The tide was on its way out when I arrived with my crew on Driftwood Beach.  We began setting up in front of one of the gorgeous driftwood trees.  The tiki torches were set in the sand in a circle with the table and chairs in the center.  All the other amenities were set around, including the picnic basket of food and drink and the table was set with china plates, cloth napkins, and utinsils.  The wine had been chilled on ice and ready to pour.  Time to light the torches!


Tyler and Tara had been…

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Bread of Life Ministries


John 15:7ff
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

The strongest person is one who is dependent on God. The greatest is the one who is humble before God and the tallest is the one who kneels and bends before God.

Nishan Panwar
Once there’s a little boy who used to escape his bedroom after being punished. He would crawl out of his bedroom window down an old fruit tree to the ground. One day, his father told him that he was going to chop down the fruit tree, because it hadn’t borne any fruit for a number of years.
That evening, the boy and his friend bought a bushel of apples, and during the night, tied those…

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