You can’t be a hater if you know how to forgive….


Forgive the haters for what they did to you and also Forget what they think about you, Always see in the eyes of someone you love a lot and feel that if you cry they will also,Now finally put your hand on your heart and Remember Two Things LIFE GOES On no matter what happen with you in past and God has sent you on earth for some special purpose.


You were crying when you are Born, But it’s upto you how you want to Die.


We have People who show Love at our front and who Hate at our back but it’s still hard to find that Mysterious Person who love to walk with us without worrying what the destination will be..

Happy Modi Day

May be what people faced in past 10 years showed the clear defeat of Congress,

May be people of India have thrown their alarm clock and decide to wake up by own,

May be I should Thanks to Arvind Kejriwal who helps the youth to decide what’s good for our country.

Incredible, Magical, Huge and Historic Win.

A day celebrated and will be celebrated by every person of India for the next 5 years and wish the Wave of Modi grown day by day.

Finally No More Silent Prime minister.

Happy Modi Day (y)

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

The backbone of every family, who knows what you need even before you asked or wished, who’s ready to make food for you no matter what’s the time, the best medium of communication between you and your father, At your worst time who cried all night and take care of yours And make you believe that nothing will happen to you, the only women who’s food you never complain and fed of, even you got the same meal every day,

In this cruel world, Being a mother is the only role no one hates or neglect, no matter she exists or not, we all know we are nothing without her love and sacrifices,

According to me it’s the God best avatar ever had and ever will.

Happy Mother’s day to all wonderful mother’s out there.

I love you Mom.